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Enchanted Gifts

Please call the shop to arrange payment and immediate delivery.
All Gifts prices are inclusive of post and packaging to UK destinations of your choice.

Personal Service only to ensure that you get the gift that you want.


Handmade Pagan Faerie Head Dresses

Artificial pagan faerie head dresses handmade for adults and children in various colours. Please call the shop to find out what we have in stock as they are usually one of originals. We are happy to make to order and have done many for party's and weddings. 

from 10.00 plus postage.

  Fortune Faeries

Flying Faeries
35.00 each

Hand made "One Off" original faeries
made from porcelain, real hair, wood pulp wings.

Comes in various colours.


Keep it Local !
  Flying Fae

Between 29.95 and 39.95 depending on size and style.
  Little Fimo Faeries

Cute little hand made fimo faeries in various colours which can embedded amongst the flowers in a bouquet, in plant arrangements or just on their own as a little gift.

5.00 each (please call to see what colours are available)
  Elemental Garden Plaques

Follow the faerie path
30.00 each

  Faerie Catching Nets

Hand made by Nina of Enchanted Florals Ltd.
The intention is to encourage play between us and our magical little friends. No harm comes to any of the Faeries that you catch ~ however you must let
them go after you had your games. Have many hours of faerie fun.


  Faery Butterfly Wings
Medium size from 45.00

Fairy Wings Realm
Magical Fairy Wings
made by Nina


Earth Child

Pixie Petals

From the high noon circle dances
    To an evening comet-counting party,
   Your queen for the day.
  With the fairies we shall play,
 Winged in colours bright,

Lets all sparkle in magical flight